Compromiser – Consulting

We consult to individuals, companies, government and leaders, who are involved in crises. Usually the crisis is of their own making and often involves elements of dishonesty and a lack of transparency. The person or the organization finds itself caught up in conflict, which may be both internal and external. And the challenge is not only how to react appropriately but often, more importantly, to find or reestablish the individual’s/organization’s  ethical core. This provides a foundation from which the client is able to progress out of and beyond the crises. 

What we offer is a “sanity & ethical check”; we gain a clear understanding of what went wrong and how to effectively address the crises in an appropriate manner that addresses any wrongdoing, enhances transparency and empowers people and organizations - chiefly through their leaders and key decision-makers, i.e. their "change agents" – to understand themselves and their actions better, and to make decisions that honestly reflect themselves and are ethically defensible. 

While the process is always client and/or context driven, we generally make use of the following steps or inputs:

  • understanding the client's real need: a client's stated need is not always what is actually required and symptoms may mask an underlying cause that really needs the focus. The process here helps the client understand not only the real problem but also what is causing that problem;
  • ensuring that the client understands what its need is and how it should be addressed; here we address solutions, ways forward and practical "how to's";
  • providing input and advice on communications, problem-solving and crises management; in this instance, we act as a counsellor or sounding board for the client. Often this will require a series of follow-up meetings to gauge progress and get client feedback;
  • providing training (to the individual, teams or organizations). The training is largely tailored to the client's needs but will incorporate aspects of quantum physics, agile methodology, communication skills and otherprinciples of facilitation. 

In many ways, this process is simply a reality check; we provide the tools and the space for a sounding board that allows people/organizations to see themselves for whom they are, to appreciate where they might have lost sight of their integral wisdom and to regain the strength of what they offer to the world. 

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