How this concept originated?

In the 21st century, there is a greater sense of failure or disconnect; failure by politicians to govern, failure by democracies to represent the best interests of their people, failure by systems to provide answers, failure by companies to act with corporate responsibility, failure by individuals to act with integrity.Compromiser is the best way to reach any win win deal making

The disconnect is on many levels: societal, economic, ecological and spiritual (to name a few) - despite the "civilized" global village idea of the 21st century world, the planet continues to be plagued by wars and violence, while refugees and refugee camps blight the conscience of the so called first world nations and more wealth than ever before is concentrated in the hands of fewer individuals, a planet that is challenged in its optimum use and regeneration of resources, and more and more people disconnected from their leaders, from their communities and from themselves.

In this context, many people want change and an awareness and recalibration of their data patterning, the learned / historical behaviour patterns, can bring about both immense change and happiness.

As people and companies understand their failings, face up to them and move forward in an empowered and aware manner that allows for the healing of past wrongs and of relationships, that resolves disputes/deadlock and provides a strong foundation for personal and commercial growth.

Companies fail because individuals fail; by working with the individuals concerned, we see a means of overturning the traditional "failures" and we believe that the methodology of "compromise" (this encapsulates various strands of quantum physics thinking, facilitation, mediation, counselling and communications) is an ideal method to assist individuals/companies in crisis.

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