Who is involved?

A business person / internet entrepreneur / business coach and a mediation lawyer (OMG!!)

The intent of those involved

Our intent is, essentially, to empower people. We do this by guiding, facilitating, or what is sometimes referred to as "holding the space" for people as they go through whatever situation they are faced with. Our intention is not to preach or prescribe, but to assist the individual / the group to find their own way forward. While we may use certain techniques or processes and there may be certain parameters (either because we believe these to be necessary or because they are stipulated by clients), the overall process is one which is driven largely by the client; it is a creative and organic process, not because it is unstructured or arbitrary, but because it recognizes that no one size fits all, that people's / group's needs change and that the real answer or correct approach is defined by the person / group who seeks the answer / approach. This is where the "power" of the facilitative approach comes from. 

Our intention is to help clients move forward in a way that works for them (not for us!) and this is the power of empowerment!

James Wynne
Compromiser and mediator James Wynne

James is an admitted attorney and a trained commercial mediator.

He started out in one of the big law firms and then moved to the in-house legal division of one of the large auditing firms, working with other professional services such as tax and audit as part of a multi-disciplinary professional services environment. He has worked overseas (Switzerland) as in-house legal counsel for an international company and in management in Johannesburg.

He has acted as an independent legal adviser for the last 9 years. He works predominantly in corporate and commercial law with a focus on commercial - legal counselling, contracts, corporate governance and resolving disputes.

But while his legal background will always be a strong point, James believes that lawyers (and the law) have lost sight of many of the positives 
that lawyers can bring to society: the ability to resolve disputes, to make society work better and to act as peacemakers. In many cases, lawyers simply add to the problem, draw out disputes, leave parties' frustrated and the law itself is often complex, nonsensical and provides no obvious sense of justice to the citizens it is supposed to serve and protect.

In assisting clients with disputes or problem relationships, James has found that a combination of legal expertise, business pragmatism and counselling are often essential ingredients to moving forward or providing practical and durable solutions.

James is a committed advocate of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution and values good communication, emotional fluency and open-mindedness. He is a member of the Association of Independent Mediators, a Cape Town-based group of mediators. He also sits on the board of trustees of a medical aid scheme in a non-executive role that requires fiduciary oversight skills and a strong corporate governance focus.

James keeps healthy with running, yoga and gym, but balanced by a glass of good red wine. He strives for self-awareness and wisdom (an on-going journey!).

Rex Schelling

Compromiser and deal maker Rex Schelling
Rex Schelling trained as an accountant, but ended up innovating, building and selling multiple internet businesses. He then sold his accounting and financial advisory business, to free up more time and focus on innovation.
During all of these processes, he quite quickly realised that his real skillset, lay more in facilitating potential of people he worked closely with which then lead him to mapping / journaling the successes gained during this journey and which he now shares with his own course material.

He also has a keen interest in Eastern & Western philosophy, which brought further realisations of how stuck many people become with data sets of programmed behaviour. This then lead to him creating the foundation workshops, where he leads people through an awakening process of how the world actually works, with examples from Dr Emoto, Dr David Hawkins, Dr Bruce Lipton, Quantum Physics and much, much more … 

He is currently contracting as a Scrum Master & Agile Coach in a fast paced IT environment. This will be the first time that Agile Methodology and Legal Mediation will be combined to bring something excitingly different and of massive value to clients, globally.

He loves to run, play soccer, surf and spend time with his family.

His main aim with Compromiser is to free any person people from being stuck in their own paradigm (programmed mindset) and to start living fulfilled lives, with the rewards magnified and amplified.

Having worked closely with many leaders, this is entirely possible ... only if the leader is willing to change.

Too early in our global evolution? Only time will tell …

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